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Our Teams Philosophy:

As the most highly trained and diversely skilled group of professionals (with a combined experience level of over 30 years) our SalsaSoulseros Instructional team strives in assisting dedicated and respectful individuals in their quest of social connections through Latin Dance.  We understand that all individuals learn differently via auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities, hence our team focuses on being patient with those who struggle with learning.Humble individuals understanding that titles, status and perceptions all need to be put one hold at  times in order to fully develop as a human being, seem to be the best students in the various courses we conduct. Generally those with large egos and know-it-all attitudes are always weeded out by our team. So, if you truly want to learn how to dance, have some honest fun and meet some genuine people along the way, then take that first step with SalsaSoulseros!

Our Team and history:

SalsaSoulseros evolved over the past 15 years into one of the most powerful Instructional Teams in the Southwest. Founded by Jason H. and Mr. Bruce back in 2000, the concept of such a team actually started in 1995 with the  performance group  Latinos Unidos” that  Bruce formed on the campus of the University of Arizona (UA) when he was a student.  Around 1996  Mr. Bruce, Geraldo A. and Jessica Z.  then started a social dance group called “Ritmos Latinos”  at the UA. In 2000 Jason and Bruce wanted to expand this great venue of social connection off campus and created the Instructional group “SalsaSoulseros” with the help of  Ms. Jet. Our team strives to unite all good people…so much so that over these many years, 20 plus couples have met in our classes…some have taken the next step, married and created the next generation of  salsa kids around Tucson!

Master Instructor: “Sexy Summer” joined the group as a student in 2001 and is now a Nationally sought-after Master Instructor plus the 2007 local dance champion. Leaving the competition scene, she now devotes all of her time to teaching Salsa and Bachata. While seen as a very serious and demanding instructor, she truly has love for her dedicated students.

Technical Instructor: “Bruce the comedian” has been teaching since 1995 and is our foundational movement instructor for Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba and Zouk. Also serving as our Chief Instructor, Bruce conducts 4 dance courses at the UA. Having taught classes throughout the nation… and the world, like spots in: London, Ecuador, Colombia and Mongolia, he bestows his knowledge of human dynamics thru his classes at the UA. Teaching sensuality and soulful connection, his technical expertise helps shy students open up to their true potential. While he may initially be seen as serious and militant, his dedicated students are exposed over time to his comical, goofy and fun-loving ways.

Technical Assistant: “La Femme” a secret agent from overseas is on loan to us, and can occasionally be seen assisting at certain classes. You may be dancing with 007 and not even know it!

Assistant Instructor: “Axel the energizer” has been dancing since 2006. He provides his high energy as he helps you with your Salsa and Bachata moves.

The Boss: “El Jefe Señor Jason” although now a big-shot lawyer el Jefe calls the shots from afar and keeps the team in line.

Soulseros Alliance Instructors


Master Level Bachata Instructors

 Jorge Elizondo

Adam Taub

Master Level Kizomba Instructor:

Christian Gutierrez

Master Level Salsa Instructors:

Mike Zuniga

Alejandro Reye

Master Level Merengue Instructors:

Edwin and Daniela

Master Level “on two” Instructor:

Jay Stylz


Student Testimonials

“You guys and salsa have changed my life!”

 Stephanie G.  PhD Chemist

 Im highly impressed with the quality of instructors at Salsa Soulseros! Also thank you for providing such a safe and fun environment where we can meet great people…..like….my now beautiful fiance!”

 –Gene P. Regional Accountant

 Im so glad that my husband has taken on Bachata dancing as a new hobby…I love that ‘he’ now loves to dance..thank you for being so patient with him as he learns!”

 – Suzanne N. International Community Service

 Learning how to dance bachata has really changed my life and  I thank you!”

 – Rob R. UA Distinguished Professor

 ” Summer, Liz and Bruce….your team is such an exceptional and professional group. I really appreciate your efforts!”  

  Steve B. UA Eller School Management

 OMG learning Bachata from you guys is so much damn fun. Its so fricking amazing… I love it!

 – Sandra T. Hospice Contractor




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Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Kizomba



Advanced Bachata dancers video clip…click here.



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Email salsasoulseros@gmail.com specific questions.

Call 520-396-4864 and speak with an instructor during office hours 12:15pm-2:30pm.