Where to go dancing

Places to go dancing: Organized Socials and Recommended Night Clubs.


Rated on a scale (10 as best) for music, floor, staff, cleanliness and location.



 Second friday of the month

This small club provides 2 different rooms of music. One has reggeaton playing and the other Latin: Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. At St phillips plaza campbell avenue and river. Ages 21 and over. $10 cover men. $5 women.

The best window for dancing is from 10pm to 12 midnight. After then, the floor is packed with drinkers standing around the bar guzzling. Ladies, do not wear professional dance shoes to this venue. The floor gets wet with liquor at times.

Social Ratings break down

Rated 7For single ladies. When you go, lots of partners to dance with.

Rated 5: For single men. Not that many salseras to dance with.

Rated 8: For folks bringing friends/spouses/significant others.


Kizomba Social

1st or 3rd Friday of the month only

This social, run by Jose is highly recommended. The dance floor is huge and music selection (kizomba & bachata) is excellent. Dancing goes from 10:00pm -01:00am.

At: Tucson creative dance center. 3131 n.Cherry and ft lowell.Cost is $7. Ages 18 plus

The entrance to the studio is in the middle of the dark complex up a ramp. Park on the perimeter and walk thru the desert garden till you see a ramp. Follow the music.


Vivas CLUB

Every 5th Saturday of the month

Bring your ear plugs! The decibel readings go off the chart with the great yet loud music. The crowd is younger under 30, with not that many salseros. Best times: 10pm-midnite.

DJ Stevie “3mendo” plays 70% reggaeton, 10% Latin Hip Hop, 5% Colombian cumbia, 5% bachata, 5% merengue and 5% Salsa.

At: “Vivas” on grant and Campbell free before 1035pm. $5 ladies $10 men 21+

     Viva’s Social Ratings break down

Rated 7:  For single ladies. Lots of partners to dance with.

Rated 3: For single men. The ‘regular’ ladies will say “no” most of the time. If you are lucky a few will smile and accept your invitation. The best idea is to invite a friend to dance with.

Rated 8: For folks bringing friends/spouses/significant others to the club.


Salsa Social- Sundays

 4th Sunday of the month only

The venue has a large dance space. Dj Gerardo has an extensive music collection of Salsa Dancing goes from 6:30 PM -8:30 pM.

At: Shall we dance alvernon and 4101e grant.Cost is $7. Ages 18 plus


Recommended Conferences


Recommended Dance Conferences:

The below are the two top festivals that our team recommends. This recommendation is based on the event location, cost and most importantly the high level of integrity that both promoters (Elizondo and Contreras) have consistently demonstrated over the years.


video compilation.




Latin Social- Salsa on the Move

 2nd Saturday of the month only

The venue has a large dance space, no chairs and gets extremely hot. Yet the music is great. DJ Rob of the Bachata Social  has an extensive music collection of Bachata, Salsa and Kizomba.Dancing. Dancing goes from 8:45 PM -11:00 pM.

At: Movement Culture 435 e. 9th st at 4th ave.Cost is $5. Ages 18 and over!