Specialty Sessions


Specialty Classes & Empowerment Workshops

Bachelorette parties

-Adventurous Bridal showers

-Ladies birthday parties

-Recently single ladies parties

-Couples Valentines theme parties

-Latin Dance conferences

Contact us to obtain details on how to initiate scheduling your own event!


Ladies Styling


So what is styling? The term “styling” describes specific arm, head and hip movement that augments or embellishes the basic dance step.

For women learning salsa or bachata, the typical learning path runs like this: she begins in a group class consisting of both men and women, where everyone learns the same basic step. After mastering the basics, she will then sign up for specialty courses where she learns to use her arms, hands, hips and head movement to make the same step look more feminine and graceful.

Our team teach offers styling technique in each of our classes. Ladies, sign up for our next 4, 6, 10 or 12 week session held at the UA. Call us during our office hours to obtain details or email us.

 Ladies Only Lap Dance workshop

February and October

lap-dance-lessonsThese workshops are specifically designed for the woman who wishes to explore her creative sexy side in a comfortable, women-only environment.  This Classy Lap Dance Workshop is meant to increase a woman’s self-confidence, body awareness and allow women of all ages, shapes and sizes to explore their sensuality. Ladies, while this workshop is just for us…keep in mind that the moves you learn here can be ‘shared’ later with that special someone.

Surprise them with a great night in!

Ladies, if you are a bit nervous don’t worry because the evening will start with wine, sweets and friendly conversation, then the adventure and exploration begins!

Location: Register to find out

Scheduled sessions: February (Sexy-Valentines), July (Summer Heat) and October (Halloween Seduction)

Day and time: Saturday 7pm-9 pm

Cost person: $25 by the thursday prior at midnight

Cost at the door: $35 per lady. Call to reserve your spot. Doors will be locked at 7:05pm!

Registration protocol: Registration must occur before midnight thursday before.  No one will be allowed into the classroom without a prior reservation. Those with reservations have the options of paying at the door or via PayPal below.

Ladies, what bring to Lap Dance Workshop: Clothing you are comfortable moving in, such as yoga pants, high heels are optional.  Ensure you have a clean and freshened body/breath. Most importantly,  an adventurous spirit and open mind!

Pay via PayPal following the link below, or pay with credit/debit/cash to Summer directly


Our Sensual Touch Lead Instructor: Summer

As a massage therapist and dance instructor, Summer believes that movement and touch are an important part of a wellness and optimum health.  Her Lap Dance workshop was created to fuse movement and touch in a way that will enhance a healthy intimate relationship or a healthy confident self.

Summer’s years of experience as a massage therapist, CrossFit Coach and ultramarathon runner has brought to her instruction, a high degree of focus on body awareness and personal empowerment. Summer’s patience, professional instruction and her versatile teaching methods has helped her connect with her dedicated students to a point where she challenges them mentally, yet provides them with an environment where they can feel comfortable, confident and well informed.

Helping students express themselves on the Salsa and Bachata dance floor and more importantly, in their lives…is her primary joy. And this is exactly why she developed the infamous “Lap Dance Class for Bachateras!”   Unlike any other experience at the Bachata Festivals, this class has been the highlight for many that attend. Delivered in a classy and respectful manner this workshop will make any open minded dancer connect at a higher level of sensuality more than they could have ever imagined

In her travels teaching at Salsa and Bachata dance conferences in Los Angeles, Reno, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, New York City, Houston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, this specialty Lap Dance Class has been the biggest hit!  Her most recent class had a full room of 93 couples!

Self Defense for Dancers


Salsa Dancers getting ready to learn Self Defense moves.

Kids Safety Course

Kids Bullying and Abduction Prevention

RK Feb08 funny
Sum and Bruce goofing off with the kids after brawling like street fighters!!!