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What to bring to a Soulseros Class

-Exact Cash for Floor Fee

-Either a sweater or jacket (we keep the studio chilly)

– A water bottle and sweat towel

-Comfortable loose fitting clothing

-Smooth soled shoes (clean dark socks are fine too)

-Dance shoes (Jazz or Ballroom shoes, Ladies heels must have ankle strap support)

-Note taking materials

-An open mind, positive attitude and patience are all highly recommended as well !


Frequently Asked Questions
– Do you teach Salsa on “1” and is there specific start date for a Salsa class….If not, how does it work if I’m in my first class and everyone else is in say their 3rd or 4th? Yes we teach on 1. There are no start dates for our ITE courses. The UA classes run on cycles with start dates. At ITE just attend as a drop-in. In every class…we assess new and returning students… dividing them into progressive sections. The foundational movement instructor will then teach absolute beginners or slow learners on one side of the room, as the lead instructor takes the other group of returning students and quick learners to the other side thus…. you progress at your own pace in the standard set Latin Dance curriculum.
I am a single lady…are your classes for couples only…. can I come alone? Our classes are primarily for individuals, but with the focus on teaching partner patterns and couple dancing techniques. Partners are not needed since we will pair you up during the class. We rotate quite often, thus making it easier to meet new friends….we have been very lucky in the past years,  in that, the number of respectful males participating in our classes sometimes even surpass that of ladies! Hence, if you are a single lady…this is a great place to meet a man that is respectful and eager to dance! Now as for those that come together as a couple, they are welcomed to participate together throughout the session or they can rotate with the other individuals in class.

What type of shoes and clothing should I wear? Wear comfortable clothing, ones that will allow you to move easily during the one hour class. As for the shoes, anything with smooth soles (jazz shoes, old sneakers and even socks) work best. High heels for the ladies are optional but not really recommended for an instructional session.

-How long will it take to get the fundamentals? After completing 6 months most students will have mastered our foundational rotational dance curriculum. As always, our professional Latin dance instructors are always available to guide you upon your entry into a class and help you reach your goals at your own pace.

Is your ‘Thursday University’  UA class different from your ‘ITE’ 6pm Salsa- Bachata classes …would it be redundant to attend both during the week?   No it would not be redundant, and yes the UA class is different because we cover all four dances (salsa, bachata, merengue and kizomba) in each and every 90 minute period of class. Taking both the Thursday UA course and the wednesday ITE classes at the studio would actually compliment each other.
 I have learned to dance at clubs and by watching youtube, can I come to your intermediate- advanced classes? No, we recommend attending the beginner classes at 6 or 715pm. Our advanced students have over 60 hours of hands on training and most still attend the beginner classes because they like reviewing the foundations of Bachata, Salsa and Merengue.

My husband and I have never ever danced….can we just drop into any of your beginner classes or do we have to wait for a particular 6 week session?  You can just drop in during our Tuesday cycles and pay per class. Starting on day one of a 6 week cycle is highly recommended though.

-My wife has been dancing for years…but I don’t know how to dance and she is not that patient with me. I want to attend classes with her yet am too hesitant….which class would you recommend? We would recommend attending the beginners class, but by yourself at first. After you have attained some confidence with your basic steps, then we would recommend inviting her. Over the 20 years of instruction we have encountered ‘couple dynamics’ that were somewhat dysfunctional. We have been blessed in only having seen such dynamics with 6 couples. Just recently we had to eject a wife who was very negative in class, with the poor husband following her out. In the end, our assessment and interactions expose ‘the negative individual’ as the one having a large ego….one that squelchs the husbands attempt to better himself. If your wife is willing to be patient, humble and open to learning technical aspects to the dance… then you may be able to learn a new fun skill. Please remember, your wife must check that ego at the door, because in the classroom …a bad attitude or negative behavior will not be accepted.

Can we pre-pay for a batch of dance classes or can we just drop in and pay as we go?  You can do both. We understand tight budgets so you can pay as you go or if you can obtain a package deal for 6 weeks of classes and save even more! Or you can pay per drop in class. For the class rate and cost, click on the tab above.

-I have heard that your group is primarily a social instructional group…do you have a performance team? No performance group here… our focus is teaching and instructing beginners and intermediate students. We are here to empower brand new dance students in their personal quest in creating social bonds. In the years since 1995,  having taught thousands in the Tucson community and University, we have seen many people grow out from their shyness, insecurities, nervousness, etc… into wonderful people building multiple friendships. We consider our students to be more than just a body, in a class, fulfilling a quota, just there to learn some dance steps for the stage or competition on a TV show. Here, You become family and…over time you will develop the social skills that better your partner dance on and off the dance floor.

Is you Salsa Latin Dance course at the UA only for college students, what times are they held at the Rec?  The course is open to community members as well. The 10 week Latin Dance course generally starts in February and September each semester. It is conducted on Thursdays after 6pm. Details on registration can be found here.