Watch our Soulseros Students Perform!

Click below to see the Doc-Stars, Adrian, Axel and Mohan…represent ‘Soulseros’ through Bachata!

If you want to see a great group performance… all choreographed by a few dedicated Soulseros Students, who then presented the routine in front of a hugh audience…then click here!

Military Moms the below Intell, is for you!

Present your DD-2 and you will receive two free Salsa classes during the month of May! Thank you for serving, as a mom, military wife and patriot! Mothers of those in the military, email us to confirm process to receive one free class.


You are really going back in time!

So you have hit that post button so much that you are going back into the early 2000’s…. almost all the way back to our humble beginning. Return to reality why don’t you? Join us in one of our classes….soon! Its an investment that will pay off! Click on our salsa kid below….then check out our schedule tab on the right side menu.