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Latin Dance UA Course 

SalsaSoulseros will be holding a special beginners Latin Dance course at the University of Arizona. In this session we will also cover the basics of Kizomba ! To sign up for the Thursday 10 week beginners course click: UA campus SRC or…email us to obtain details.

Learn the basics of Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Kizomba over ten weeks.

So what is Kizomba? Its the newest and most sensual partner dance from Angola. This dance will instill the mindset of awareness and connection, helping create a better dancer. Many view the kizomba dance as too basic or too sexual because of the grinding they see in videos. Those attending will discover the truth…of how it creates new levels of connection between the music, the movement and partners. Kizomba is truly a magical dance using awareness and focus to propagate internal joy. We will cover base 1, 2, 3, counter tempo and saidas with variations. Learning to dance kizomba will not only expand your sense of awareness but it will help you with musicality, body control, balance, confidence and connection with others. Many of our students leave with new realizations about their self control, intuition, creativity and partner appreciation.

In every class, we will be warming up individually then transitioning to partner moves in Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Kizomba.

Video Clip: For Kizomba click here.

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or call 621-8702


October : Ladies Only Sexy Seminar


Lap Dance workshop

October TBA 2017

Held at:  7pm-9pm

Join us for an exploration of sensuality in a safe environment. This workshop is specifically designed for the woman who wishes to explore her creative sexy side in a comfortable, women-only environment.  This Classy Lap Dance Workshop is meant to increase a woman’s self-confidence, body awareness and allow women of all ages, shapes and sizes to explore their sensuality. Learn some of these sexy moves for yourself or maybe share them with that special someone when you get dressed up that evening.

As a massage therapist and dance instructor, Summer believes that movement and touch are an important part of a wellness and optimum health.  Her Lap Dance workshop was created to fuse movement and touch in a way that will enhance a healthy intimate relationship or a healthy confident self.  Summer’s workshop became the most attended and popular workshop at Bachata Festivals nationwide, having up to 198 people!

$20 Pre-Register Early Bird Price before 11:30pm Friday July 7th. Only 1 left.

$25 Pre-Registration Price before 11:30pm Friday July 14

$35 Cost at the door per person. Call to reserve your spot and to get location. Doors  will be locked at 7:05pm!

Space is limited in this private workshop so register soon to secure your spot. Wine and special treats will be served before this fun event to ease you into the mood.

Details on registration can be found HERE

Kizomba Music List



Kizomba songs and artists
controla- badoxa
o jeito dela -gasso
Classic Nova – Já Nâo é Dança
Atrevimento- kataleya
quero ser teu- Claudio
djodje -uma chance
your secret – iron g
saia branca- nelson
perfieto pa bo- eddu
romancia- jamice
saber andar- johnny ramos
Mona nicastro – O teu toqu
J Balvin – Ay Vamos y Farruko
Daniel Santa Cruz – Lento