Things in Life besides Dance!

OMG how can we say that! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe… but a fulfilling life consists of more things than just dance!  While our team is not at every Salsa event, around Tucson we still love to dance and most importantly…connecting with nice people. Along those lines, there a few non-dance events coming up that we hope you consider checking out…step off the floor for a bit and make other connections that your soul may enjoy. 

So, if you are looking to expand your social horizons outside of the Dance Box, then click on any of the below sites:

Southern Arizona Adventure Group , 20’s-30’s Women’s Social Group, Crossfit Works & also check out our “Secret Day Jobs” page to see what else we can offer to your soul!   …or…

Join us for a Fun Thursday Art Event!

Art Event: This Thursday, September 23rd, come join Summer and Liz at Pat Manion’s home, a True oasis in central Tucson.  Come enjoy an evening of meeting new people, great artwork and perhaps even find that perfect piece of art to take home! Limited Wine, Beer and soft drinks will be served.  This event will run from 5:30-8 pm.
Location: **** E. Clays Alley
, from the corner of Prince and Country Club go west one block to Cactus, turn north for 1/2 block and left on Clays Alley….last house on right side… blue in color…Clays Alley is pretty narrow, so if you feel like taking an evening stroll, park on Cactus and walk down to the home. Lost? then call: 520-795-3302

Salsa Dancing: There possibly will be music playing on Pats beautiful front patio, just in case you need your Salsa and Bachata fix!

Event Artists:

Featured Artist/Collector: Pat Manion

This art work has been collected from travel in South America, as well as personally made pieces. The artwork featured will be Peruvian retablos, amuletos & butterfly collections and hand woven wool wall hangings, Day of the Dead sculptures, Vintage photography of women partially covered with butterfly wings, small sculptures of “Imaginary Friends” (not for children) and more.

Featured Artist: Alex Sando

Alex Sando, from Jemez Pueblo, NM will be showcasing artwork.  His focus is primarily medium to large scale representations of Native American scenes and symbols on canvas or bronze sculpture.  Alex’s artwork is also available on a smaller scale on posters, bookmarks and greeting cards.  The above painting has been featured in The Festival of Native American Culture near Sedona.