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Thank you for visiting our information site!   Join our SalsaSoulseros team …learn some steps, have lots of fun and make some cool new friends! 

SalsaSoulseros, Tucson’s most experienced Instructional Group, has been teaching since 1995. Having taught over 3000 students during these many years, SalsaSoulseros continues its mission in empowering its students through connection using dance as its means.

Come by and learn: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Kizomba!

We conduct 6 p.m. beginner classes on mondays and advanced classes on wednesdays at Fluxx Studios. All of our Monday classes are designed for absolute beginners as well as experienced beginners. The sessions follow a foundational curriculum and as each class progresses we often split students into two groups: QUICK learners and SLOW learners. The latter descriptions are necessary since we understand that all individuals learn differently via auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities.

If you have questions, click here or email us. Another option is to call our team during our office hours at 520-396-4864.  The below posts provide general information and updates on all our Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba Classes.

Try a drop-in class…but not October 22nd- 27th!

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No classes October 22- 27…our team will be teaching in DALLAS.

Try out a class before fully committing!

Walk-ins are always welcome during our Monday classes.

New beginners, come by and join in on the “drop-in section”

of our classroom. Payment of exact $12 cash occurs at the beginning of class.

Need paper money? An ATM is located in the “Shanty” across the street

If you have questions? Click here


Current session runs Oct 6-Nov 17 with SALSA starting at 6:00 pm

October 6th: Started the 6 week Beginner-Salsa Focus!

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 New students are still welcome to attend but only in the “drop-in section” of the classroom

Do you have questions? Click here

Space is limited so please call our office to reserve your spot in this session! Email us to see if spots have opened up due to cancellations.

SalsaSoulseros will be conducting this new 6 week cycle for new beginners and experienced beginners running Mondays 6:00 -7:30pm with a primary focus on Salsa (on the one) and an introduction to Bachata (Moderna, Sensual and Dominican Style). All of our Monday classes are designed for absolute beginners as well as experienced beginners. The sessions follow a foundational curriculum and as each class progresses we often split students into two groups: QUICK learners and SLOW learners. The latter descriptions are necessary since we understand that all individuals learn differently via auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities.

This Session Schedule is:

6:00pm-7:00pm Salsa

7:00pm-7:30 pm Bachata

Cost for Drop in Option

You just pay $12 per 90 minute class. 

We only accept Cash. An ATM is located in the “Shanty” across the street. Payment will occur at the beginning of class.

Session Cost and Special Package Deal

The whole 6 week 90 minute session cost is $70.  For 6 weeks of the hour portion: $50. For 6 weeks of the 30 minute portions $35

We only accept Cash or money orders.

 Payment will occur on first day at the beginning of class. An ATM is located in the “Shanty” across the street.

There are no refunds for missed classes with this package deal.

For those weary of signing up for 6 weeks we suggest:

1. Come in                         2. Watch or participate                         3. Decide


Register before 12 noon October 6th for the 6 week Latin Dance Session.

Registration for this Package Deal closed: October 6th 6pm    

Beginners Latin Dance Workshop: 11/24/14

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SalsaSoulseros will be holding a special 90 minute Beginners workshop November 24th . During this $12 session, four of the most popular types of Latin Dances will be covered:

-Kizomba                           -Merengue                           -Bachata                                -Salsa

No sign up is needed….just drop on by  at 6pm Monday in Fluxx Studios!

Ladies only Lap Dance

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Friday, December TBA

7:00-9:00 pm: Ladies Only Lap Dance Workshop


Summer brings to you her widely popular Lap Dance class, that has been taught to Ladies/and Couples around the USA in classes as large as 198 people!!  This specialty class was developed to blend her experience as a dance instructor and massage therapist to allow a safe place for participants to experience the confidence and connection of sensual movement and touch. Join her and other adventurous ladies pm Friday, September 19th for this specialty class. Reserve your spot soon, as participation will be limited and the next class will not be until 2015! For info and registration… please click here.

Club Viva: A must for Bachateros!!

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While our lead instructor was away working long arduous hours in some small place called HAWAII….

The rest of us found a new Latin Dance club in Tucson that blows away all the rest!

Vivas Bistro on Campbell and Grant Is the place to be on Saturdays!

Cover is very reasonable $7, the DJ is awesome and the floor “huge”.

Its 50% Bachata 30% Reggaeton 10% Merengue 5% Salsa 5% Latin Mix

As most of you know, we do not promote or align ourselves unless its “Quality” and Vivas has passed the test!!

Check out VIVAS!

If you are a new student, please contact our team to ensure that you receive updates.

There are certain times when we travel out of State and postpone classes.

Hence, at times we may be in…


Click on photo above to see our Lead Instructor bring it on in Havvaii!

Our regular 90 minute Intermediate schedule is:

6:00-6:45 pm Intermediate Salsa

6:45-7:30 pm Intermediate Bachata

$7 for one 45 minute class, or $12 for full 90 minutes

Cash, Check, Credit or Debit.

Memorial Day Monday Class

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Our salsa classes will be held Memorial Day Monday at Fluxx.  Military members and Spouses (with current I.D) receive a free class. Veterans with a DD-14 will also receive a free class.

On this Memorial Day, please honor our fallen warriors, those who fought this War on Terror. Please take a moment to thank and pray for the families left behind. Those fallen warriors have sacrificed all…for the freedom and peace most of us enjoy. Please honor them today.



March 5th: A Medical Emergency-Survivor

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To our Dedicated Intermediate Students:

Sorry for the unexpected cancellation of last weeks class… Summer had a sudden medical scare that needed immediate attention.  However, she is back to 100% now and class will go on tonight on a modified schedule. 

Tonight:  On March 5th Wednesday the  Intermediate Classes will changed in time period and focus.
Wednesday, March 5th: Intermediate Bachata Only 5:30 – 6:30 pm

See you tonight!! ($9 for the hour.  Those with group class credit will just be deducted 1 hour)

Regular Schedule returns for March 12th & 19th (Salsa 6-6:45 pm, Bachata 6:45-7:30 pm)

        Also, thank you for all your prayers as Summer struggled through that medical emergency on Feb 26th. StyleWithSoulseros

Summer….the survivor!

Kizomba Bootcamp: Graduated 2/22/14

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Experience the sensual Afro-Latin Dance of Kizomba!

While Salsa and Merengue are the most recognized Latin dances, around since the 1940’s… and Bachata took the world by storm in the early 2000’s….its now Kizomba’s turn. Kizomba is a sensual Afro-Latin dance from ANGOLA. It has now become the most popular couples dance in Europe. Experience it here in Tucson February 22nd!

If you thought Bachata was sexy, just wait until you experience the sensuality of Kizomba. The SalsaSoulseros team was the first to bring Bachata to Tucson back in 1996. Now in 2014, they would like to introduce Kizomba to Tucson with visiting instructor, Christian Gutierrez!

Registration for the KIZOMBA “Absolute Beginner” Bootcamp (held this Saturday 12 noon-4pm) is closing this saturday 10:00am!

Registration Closed
Space is limited to 30 dancers! spots available: 6 ladies and 5 gentlemen.

For class details visit Christians website by clicking the flyer below:


December 18th-January 12th: No classes

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We here at SalsaSoulseros want to wish all of our dedicated students a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Great Festivus and Prosperous New Year!

Christmas Holiday Class Schedule: We will not be holding classes on the 18th, 23rd or 30th.

Next 6 week Latin Dance session: Monday, January 13, 2014

Soulseros Gift Certicates: Email us or click the tab above to obtain details.

Community Support: During this holiday season please consider giving a gift that our troops overseas would greatly appreciate. If you have a couple of dollars left over from Christmas shopping then consider donating them as a gift to “Operation Baghdad Pups“. Click here to learn more about this great program uniting dogs found in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marines and Soldiers that befriended them.